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Grandmaster Fitness | Hall of Fame Run Segment

by , 8 years ago
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Grand Master Fitness with Mele-Mel is a dynamic trans-media TV program produced by BronxNet that demonstrates exercise techniques, shares vital health information, delivers diet and healthy eating ideas, and connects you with the experts in a dynamic musical and lyrical way.   Some of most highly populated urban centers around the nation have the most devastating health statistics.  Poor diet and lack of exercise contributes to the high incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. “BronxNet has launched the BRONX STRONG campaign and is producing health awareness programming to help address serious health issues harming our communities.”, explains BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe.  He continues “Through Grandmaster Fitness on BronxNet, Grandmaster Mele-Mel is the guiding force for an unprecedented thoroughly entertaining workout for your mind, body, and soul.”   Whether you are an individual, family or organization working to ameliorate health conditions, the BRONX STRONG Campaign is your vehicle and BronxNet is your partner to help make a positive impact on health and health awareness in our communities.   BronxNet and Grandmaster Mele Mel want you to know that your health and fitness are your business, so please join us and build your pathways to health and fitness and get BRONX STRONG!

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