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1. Training

Training for Bronx Residents BronxNet provides television production training for individuals and organizations that want to utilize the station's equipment and facilities to produce programs to air on a BronxNet channel. Training is available four times a year, to Bronx residents, representatives of Bronx organizations and students who attend college in the Bronx. Production trainers are individuals with years of experience in the production business.

2. Equipment

The station's main studio is a fully equipped, which three SDI camera, complete with professional HD, DVD, and Betacam-SPrecording capability. Field equipment includes professional HD and digital cameras and editing is available linear and non-linear. An additional studio shared with Lehman College accommodates community programming produced by the station.

3. Your Airtime

Bronx residents or representatives of the Bronx organizations, who complete Bronxnet's studio or field production training can have their programs aired on Bronxnet channels. Bronx producers who produce programs outside of bronxnet using their own equipment also have access to airtime on Bronxnet channels.