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NYC Public Access

"BronxNet Public Access Connections"


Created: Monday, 28 June 2010 17:03

BronxNet is one of the many public access organizations in the United States, set up based on Federal Communications commission (FCC) guidelines, to allow local residents to express their voice through media. According to the FCC:
“Pursuant to Section 611 of the Communications Act, local franchising authorities may require cable operators to set aside channels for public, educational, or governmental (“PEG”) use.”
“Franchising authorities may require cable operators to provide services, facilities, or equipment for the use of PEG channels. In accordance with applicable franchise agreements, local franchising authorities or cable operators may adopt on their own, non-content-based rules governing the use of PEG channels. For example:

  • Rules may be adopted for allocating time among competing applicants on a reasonable basis other than content of their programming.
  • Mininum production standards may be required.
  • Users may be required to undergo training.”

The Cable Services, Frequently Asked Questions section of the New York City Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT) website states:
“State and Federal law prohibit the city of New York from dictating programming content on company channels. The City does, however, require channels to be provided for public access and municipal use.”

BronxNet has been operating as the borough’s public access television station under Cable Franchise Agreements between BronxNet, the City of New York, and Cablevision of New York City, since 1988…and under a Cable Franchise Agreement between BronxNet, the City of New York and Verizon since July 2008.