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"BronxNet Internships Opportunities"


BRONXNET Internship Program
The station has been providing opportunities for high school and college students to participate in internships since the station went on air in 1993. Student interns are trained in all phases of TV production and management and participate in all aspects of the production of BRONXNET's arts and public affairs programming.

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BronxNet Internship Video

The interns learn the operation of all field and studio production equipment including cameras, lighting kits, audio boards, editors and graphics generators.

Many former interns have utilized skills acquired at BRONXNET to gain positions in production and programming at network and cable stations such as CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN and others. The interns receive extensive, hands-on training, primarily by working on professionally produced programs including the following:

Open, is an experimental freeform television program that will help Bronx community organizations share information about issues and services, give exposure to artists working in various media, showcase video art, provide a forum for discussion and debate, edify viewers about what’s happening in the Bronx and beyond, and develop new journalists and on-air talent.

Open 2.0, a teens’ version of our morning Open. Produced by, for, and about teens, the show addresses the concerns and interests that affect our young people. Working with various Bronx high schools, BRONXNET’S professional team guides and mentors the students as they write, research, host and produce the show.

Bronx Live, BRONXNET’S  Cable-ACE award-winning and Emmy-nominated performing arts programs that presents performances by local arts groups. The program features concerts, opera, musicals, dance and theater.
Perspectives, a weekly, live call-in program focusing on issues affecting the African-American community on both the local and national levels.

Bronx Magazine, a monthly cultural news magazine program, featuring on-location coverage of events.

Special People/Special Issues, a magazine program focusing on issues of concern to the disabled.

BRONXNET's interns are trained in several areas of television production, administration and engineering. Production interns develop a wide range of skills including editing, shooting, studio operations and journalism. Interns also learn engineering techniques and help maintain equipment and ensure that programs get on air.
Many BRONXNET interns start out on a credit basis and move to a paid internship after their first semester. The students gain continually increasing experience as studio and field camera videographers, floor managers, audio operators, tape operators, assistant directors and television graphics designers. Interns receive continuous training and evaluation from senior staff in all areas of production. They also receive formal, hands-on training from video trainers who have years of experience teaching and directing for television and film.
Depending on performance, some BRONXNET interns advance over time, to become directors, assignment editors and even producers and on-air talent.

BRONXNET has a history of helping interns and entry-level personnel to advance in their careers. Intern training focuses heavily on hands-on production skills that help them get a "foot in the door" at other stations. While every intern is given the opportunity to learn all phases of production during the first period of their internship, they are also encouraged to hone in on their special skills and interests as their internship continues. BRONXNET’S  senior staff maintains relationships with managers at other cable and broadcast stations and job opening notices referred by the other stations are passed on to BRONXNET interns.
BRONXNET maintains contact with interns after they move on to other companies. The opportunity is available for interns to return to BRONXNET for additional training to further advance their careers. In many instances, former interns have returned to the station for a brief period to further develop their producing skills, and subsequently advanced to an even higher level in their careers.

BRONXNET's paid internships are supported by funds provided by the underwriters for the various BRONXNET-produced programs. New York Community Trust's Van Lier Fellowship program previously provided funding for six high school interns and is currently providing BRONXNET with support for three post-college level fellows for a two-year period.
Support for the Pew Center for Civic Journalism helped BRONXNET expand its relationship with Lehman College, by creating a partnership with the college's pioneering Multilingual Journalism Program. Students from the new Multimedia Journalism Program work closely with professional producers and on-air talent from BRONXNET's public affairs programs, to develop in-depth stories on critical issues such as education, the environment and immigration.
For additional information or to apply, please contact: Brianna Rohlehr, Youth Media Coordinator, 
 BronxNet Television
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.